The Return Of Sock Suspenders

Ever watch one of the old private eye movies? Really old — as in 1930’s and 1940’s. If you watch them close enough, when you get to a scene where the gumshoe ties his shoes, you might catch a glimpse of the old school sock suspender.

Well, old school may not be the most accurate of terms. It’s been said that no clothes ever really go out of style; the style just hibernates for an extended period of time before making a popular comeback. And whoever said that knew exactly what they were talking about, as the sock suspender proves that statement to be quite correct.

At one point, the only way to purchase this suspender was to buy a very high-priced vintage suspender from yesteryear. Now, this suspender is produced by a number of name brand clothing manufacturers, including Brooks Brothers. And it seems as if they are fast becoming one of the more popular clothing accessories on the market. And with good reason; aside from being extremely functional, the sock suspender is quite a snazzy accessory as well.

For the uninitiated, this suspender performs a valuable duty: the sock suspender keeps a person’s socks from falling down and bunching up, looking like a donut have been wrapped around the person’s ankle. Walking around with a donut wrapped around your foot is not exactly on the top one hundred list of proper foot fashion statements 1492- the present. Buy yourself this suspender and avoid the hassles!

Suspenders all have a unique look to them too as the clips that hold the suspenders in place can be very fashionable. This is no different than the type of suspenders that hold up a pair of pants. And pants suspenders can be very sharp look. Why would a sock suspender be any different?