Suspenders for Women

Once used for holding up knit stockings, the lady suspender has long since become unnecessary as an article of clothing. Unnecessary, yes, but never outdated. To this day, they are known as one of the sexiest articles of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe.

Like garters, the lady suspender was originally designed for holding up stockings, in the days before elastics and hose. However, their appeal has long outlasted their usefulness. Except for Renn-Faire costumes, where wearing them is a necessary part of one’s costume, most women who wear them do so, not because they need to, but because they are, in a word, sexy.

Where once the lady suspender would have been clipped to a corset, now they are more often attached to a suspender belt, a rather sexy article of clothing in its own right. Of course, corsets can also be worn, if one can find them, but the suspender belt has much the same effect, with much more ease and comfort.

Perhaps because of their mysterious appeal to men, wearing the lady suspender seems to be almost a guaranteed cure for the woman who might be feeling slightly frumpish. Even if no-one except yourself knows that they’re there, just knowing it, like a delicious secret, is enough to make any woman feel sexy and desirable.

Is it possible for a woman to understand the source of this male attraction, sometimes bordering on fetish? I suspect not. It hasn’t, of course, stopped us from trying, but not even a psychological study of a hundred thousand men would ever really make it clear. Perhaps not even men know. Yet there it is; an undeniable fact, and one which women use to their advantage.

Of course there are men who are immune to this feminine specialty; Onslo of the Keeping Up Appearances television series springs to mind as an example. For the most part, however, it is safe to say that the woman looking to enchant her significant other need look no farther than the ever-attractive lady suspender.