Suspenders: A Fashion Statement

The fashion appeal of the suspender has long been debated. While most fashion experts in the United Kingdom see it as archaic and largely unfashionable, fashion experts in the United States see it as an accessory that has a number of fashionable and functional applications.

The “man suspender” or “pants suspender” was once used to hold pants up. This was because pants were so high-cut that using a belt was not reasonable. This is no longer the case; however, a suspender or even suspender belt can have a very functional purpose today if used by law enforcement officers or firemen, who may have to carry heavy, protective items that require additional support from suspenders. In this case, a leather suspender is often employed.

Executives can also use a suspender in a decidedly more fashionable way: to hold socks up and prevent them from wrinkling. This is done with a special “sock suspender.” And if they wish, the can even purchase a sheet suspender for their beds to keep the sheets from wrinkling.

If you do opt to purchase suspenders, you will want to select a pair that matches your outfit. Perhaps you could purchase suspenders that match your shoes – and that aren’t too similar to the color of your shirt. For instance, you might want to purchase a white suspender for black shirt and a red suspender for a white shirt.

There are also a number of female suspender types. For instance, there is the pantie hose suspender, which will prevent pantie hose from wrinkling. There is also the “lady suspender,” which is usually worn with lingerie in an intimate setting.

But whichever suspender you select – whether it be a man suspender or a lady suspender – it will be considered quite fashionable, as long as it isn’t adorned with cartoon characters, flashy colors, or stripes.