Garter Belts for Women

A suspender belt, also known as a garter belt, is the belt that stocking affix to and have been enormously popular throughout the past two centuries. It is believed that the suspender belt (as a type of women’s undergarment) first started to achieve a sense of popularity in the Victorian Era in England.

It is ironic that the “repressed” time period of the 19th century Victorian Era was also an era that spawned a ridiculous amount of erotic fiction. (The underground magazine The Pearl was incredibly popular at the time, but most of the issues have been lost to history. Surviving copies remain incredibly rare) In this erotic fiction, the suspender belt and stockings is prominently mentioned and it is believed that this tie in of the suspender belt to these publications that strongly allowed the popularity of the belts to grow.

Unfortunately, the suspender and stockings have a tendency to be locked in people’s minds with strippers. This image has been burned in people’s minds thanks to the presentation of strippers in popular culture. For better or worse, this image did keep the belt/garter belt alive and in the public eye — perhaps even keeping this fashion accessory relevant beyond the point it should have been relegated to the fashion of the time that was long ago section of the history books.

The suspender belt/garter belt is more popular today than ever before thanks to its recent resurgence in the pages of a number of fashion magazines. Sometimes all that is required is a few prominent photographs in a widely read publication to start a fashion trend off. In a strange twist, this is exactly a repeat of what had happened in Victorian England many, many years ago. Perhaps the trend will repeat once again one hundred years from now. Unless everyone is wearing space suits, that is.