Purses with a Bow

purse with bow

In a simple way, a bow is able to become the centerpiece of a purse’s aesthetic appeal. The manner in which this decorative style is applied to purses has also changed considerably. With some purses, the bow is usually the same color as the rest of the purse, making it a subtle yet unmissable design feature.

But if you really love the bow decoration and want it to stand out, you could go for a purse that is fitted with a bow whose color sharply contrasts with that of the rest of the bag. For instance, a red bow on a black purse certainly stands out stylishly.

There are also other options for lovers of modern fashion who think the traditional leather or fabric bow is too commonplace. Choices for such buyers include a purse with bow made of rhinestone studs. The bow could also be a small affixed piece of metal. In some cases, the purse may simply be designed with the bow as a bold and prominent graphic.