Looking at the Pants Suspender

The popular pants suspender truly has lasted decades and still remains a popular fashion accessory. While suspenders did fall out of the fashion scene during the 1970’s and early 1980’s they did make quite a comeback.

One of the stereotypes regard a set of pants suspender is that of the farmer in the old movies of yesteryear. That is a very pigeonholed stereotype and not one-hundred percent accurate. Suspenders has an urban fashion history to them as well.

If one looks at movies through the 1930’s until the mid 1960’s, one can see such a suspender prominently on display. This is because suits and ties were more common for wear outside of the office in those days. In the late 1960’s, as business attire started to take on a more casual look (and in the 1970’s business attire fell off the cliff into downright gaudiness), the old standby of this suspender faded away a bit.

The standard pants suspender is on display as part of Charlie Sheen’s attire in the Oliver Stone film, Wall Street and it displays that New York City style that suspenders have come to represent. It would be an accurate assessment to say that a pair of these suspenders was worn by businessmen, bankers, bond traders, and generic executives seem to have a thing for a pants suspender.

The reason for this is that the venerable suspender truly compliments a businessman’s suit and tie (Note: Businesswoman also use them to hold up dress skirts as well). In addition to just plain, flat out looking stylish, a set of pants suspender will “serve” a suit a little better than a standard belt. Belts have the unfortunate problem of causing dress pants to bunch up. This does not exactly make a good impression. As such, one can see why a suspender would be preferred.