Leather Suspenders are the Best

A good set of leather suspender belts is among the very best looking suspenders on the fashion market. A leather suspender truly enhances the look of a person’s outfit to a level that may not have been possible with the standard belt. Belts are boring. Suspenders are snazzy – or at least that is what men’s fashion experts are saying in the United States. A nice leather suspender from a brand like Trafalgar Leather or Martin Dingman simply looks cool.

Leather just has a way of making someone look rugged. This is one of the main reasons leather has remained popular over the years.

As it relates to suspenders made of leather, this hide gives the suspender a huge plus over the various other fabrics out there that are used in the production of suspenders, such as silk or polyester. Suspenders sometimes have to fight some old stereotypes in order to maintain their popularity. One of these stereotypes is the snobbish image that suspenders have wrongly been presented as having thanks to lame TV and film wardrobe decisions. It is just an easy way out to get a personality across as snobbish by slapping a pair of suspenders on them rather than using writing, directing an acting talent. So, suspenders end up with a bad rap.

A leather suspender set can override a great number of these goofy stereotypes by airlifting a few of leather’s famous stereotypes. Namely, leather is always portrayed as masculine from its limelight in the TV/Film arena. (Trivia: ABC banned The Fonz from wearing leather for a short while because they felt it was “thuggish.”) A leather suspender set captures that masculine look at erases those lame suspender stereotypes and the jokes that accompany them.